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About this site and Privacy:

This site is a bookstore subsidiary of Science & Humanities Press, featuring general Health resources.
It features information on prudent dating habits, information on date rape drugs and testing to avoid victimization, and information on symptoms, precautions and treatments of related hazards, such as sexually transmitted diseases. Be aware you can seek legal remedies for harm done to you through deceit or violence.
Science & Humanities Press is an established publisher (since 1994) of general books on all topics including fiction and nonfiction, with substantial investment in production of self-help products for better living. The Parent website of this store collects no unasked for data on visitors, and  thus makes no use of your information in any way without your knowledge and approval. We don't keep track of who visits. We consider privacy important, and do all we can to protect it.  We hate spam as much as you do!
The store is set up by us, but powered in part by amazon, perhaps the most trusted name in among online retailers.
When purchasers deal directly with amazon, and amazon manages all the financial transactions. You should feel confident in the security of your privacy and security in buying from this online store.  We believe we have made arrangements with others judiciously, but the responsibility to check things out and stay on a responsible path is yours.